FW3A Optics Issues Announcement

FW3A Optics Issues Announcement

Jun 28 2019 0 Comments

Update July 15th

the carclo 10511 optics already available, 

most orders already shipped 




1.new optics and carclo optics comparison

1.Reason for Lumintop to change the optics

  • first,because it is hard to order the carclo optics,usually need to wait 3-4 weeks,the first batch they wait 6 weeks. 
    that is why the delay of the FW3A group buy start.
  • second,the carclo optics actually made in china dongguan,lumintop find another optics company in dongguan,
    that company is familiar with carclo, and said can make the same optics.after test the prototype,the performance almost same. but they make a fault to make extra optics and cancel the lens,this is the reason why the candelas are reduced.
  • third,cost,carclo will be much more expensive than the new optics,they want to reduce the cost so that can sell it cheaper in the future.

2.resolution of the optics issues Lumintop already ordered the 10511 optics today,carclo replied need about 3 weeks.

  •  A.ship with the new optics and a extra lens

    B. wait for the original 10511 optics (2-3 weeks)

    C.cancel the order

    D. ship with the new optics, no lens. but will ship the optics and lens in your future order.

    for the copper version,host is finished,if you choose A or D,then I will try to ship at next week

pls send email to me about your choice.



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