Nealsgadgets Shipping Info Update

Nealsgadgets Shipping Info Update

Apr 25 2020 0 Comments


As the COVID-19 pademic influence, the shipping is become difficult and slow. 

I choose the best mail I can find now to ship the packages. I take some screenshot for the lately delivered parcels. 

and the shipping cost raise a lot lately, I will change the shipping cost to keep the fast shipping. 

For US               10-15 days 

      Germany      10-15 days 

      UK               10-15 days 

     Netherlands  10-15 days 

    Poland            10-15 days

    Australia         15-20 days 

    Spain              10-20 days 

    France            10-15 days 

    Italy                 10-15 days 

    Canada           20-30 days 

so for US about 10-15 days, Europe about 10-20 days 

some countries and islands I can't find a good mail, so stop to sell to those place. 

like US  Hawaii,Alaska, Russia,India,south Africa. 




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