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OLIGHT Warrior Mini Seasons

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The Warrior Mini Four Seasons and Eternal are the limited editions we specially designed for those who support Olight all the time. This series carries our good wishes and is distinct for gift or collection.

Small Metal Flashlight Warrior Mini Limited Edition

✔ Warrior Mini Ti Spring

With Warrior Mini Spring, we hope you enjoy lifetime freedom, and always feel free to chase your dream.

Warrior Mini Ti Spring small metal flashlight

✔ Warrior Mini Ti Summer

With Warrior Mini Summer, we hope you embrace unlimited courage and never be defeated by any difficulties.

Warrior Mini Ti Summer small metal flashlight

✔ Warrior Mini Ti Autumn

With Warrior Mini Autumn, we hope you stand high in your life and enjoy prosperity and wealth.

Warrior Mini Ti Autumn small metal flashlight

✔ Warrior Mini Ti Winter

With Warrior Mini Winter, we hope you stay peaceful and never be disturbed by outside chaos.

Warrior Mini Ti Winter small metal flashlight

✔ Warrior Mini Eternal

With Warrior Mini Eternal, we hope you receive love and care eternally.

Warrior Mini Eternal small metal flashlight