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Fire-foxes FF5GT Xenon HID 15000lm 2400m Thrower Search Flashlight

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Product name: Fire-Foxes FF5GT 150w 10000LM HID Flashlight
Brand: Fire-Foxes
Model: FF5GT
Startup time:  5 seconds
Color temperature: 4300K, 6000K
Material: 6061 aluminum 
Output power: High:150w
Low: 50w
Waterproof: IPX7,IP67
Switch Location: Tail and side switch
Distance 2400m
Reflector: SMO 
Battery: 4x18650 unprotected batteries(Not Included)
Weight: 750g (battery not included)
Size: 200 mm (length) x 49 mm(tube) x95 mm(head)

1.Product Description
FF5GT is the update version of FF5, power to 150w , The 150 watt luminous flux is 15000 lumens, calculated light intensity value is 120-145 million CD,

2 Design
FF5GT is a high and low gear design, with 150W high grade and 50W low grade. It can be changed by pressing the side switch. There is a temperature control system inside. Once the temperature control takes effect, it will automatically jump and lock at 50W;

3. Design of heat insulation ring for flashlight
It is a 100W high power flashlight. In order to ensure user comfort, this feature is added at the expense of flashlight length. The handle can isolate 20-30 ℃ from the lamp head. For a long time, the temperature in the handle only comes from heating the battery.

4. About the color temperature of flashlight
4300k and 6000k 

5. About the characteristics of HID flashlight
1) Hid emits light by arc breakdown gas, so there is no filament in the lamp tube, there is no filament fusing, and the service life is longer;
2) FF5 flashlight is a high-power AC stabilizer, so there will be slight flicker and stroboscopic during use. Please feel free to use it;
3) There is current sound when the gear is highlighted, which is the sound of AC commutation current. Please feel free to use it for normal phenomenon;
4) HID flashlight reflective cup is a high temperature coated reflective cup, and the process is complex, so the reflective cup is not absolutely perfect;
5) This may be caused by the presence of metal halide in the bulb due to the presence of the metal halide.
6. HID flashlight is different from LED flashlight. Users must read the manual carefully when using it. If there is any problem, please contact customer service at any time!
7. The flashlight has large power and small volume. It is normal to have hot and hot hair. Please feel free to use it!

Package included:
1 x Fire-Foxes FF5GT Xenon HID Flashlight

2 x O-ring