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Fireflies E07X Pro 7x SST20/Nichia/XPL HI 7000LM 21700 Flashlight With Anduril2

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Additional 22430 tube and battery


  • LED   -  7x  Luminous SST20,  CREE XPL HI,  or  Nichia 219B SW45K R9080

  • Body color:  Matt Black /  Navy Blue / Deep Red 

  • Max Output: 7000 Lumens

  • Max Beam Distance: 680 meter ( XPL HI version)

  • with 6 x RGB auxiliary LEDs

  • Durable electronic side switch

  • High efficiency 6A constant current buck driver  (>90%   efficiency) with FET Turbo

  • True 2A USB-C in-built smart battery charging  capability

  • Ultra-clear AR coated optical glass lens

  • 10-degree beam angle TIR optic

  • 1x   21700 lithium battery,  or18650 battery with included adapter (battery  not  i ncluded)

  • Operating range 2.7V to 4.3V

  • Dimensions

○ Head   Diameter  -  38.5mm
○ Body   Diameter  -  26.5mm
○ Length   -   85mm with 22430 Body  ;    123.5mm with 21700 body
○ Weight   -   Approx.  120g  / 5.29 oz without battery
  • 6063-T6 aluminium  construction with stainless steel bezel ring

  • Durable type-III hard  anodized   coating

  • User  Interface

○ Latest  Anduril2  open-source firmware  with  Simple  and  Advanced   UI
■ Simple UI:  6A maximum regulated current
■ Advanced UI: 6A  maximum regulated current with  FET Turbo
○ Fully configurable modes of operation:  smooth ramp to stepped ramp
○ Fully configurable auxiliary LED effects and modes
○ Automatic, manual, or hybrid memory modes
○ Continuously monitored battery current,  voltage, and temperature with 2.8V battery cut-off
○ Ability to customize highest and lowest output levels
○ Ability to customize thermal regulation (50C by default)
○ Large variety  of beacon,  SOS,   tactical  strobes,  and special effects including:
■ Candle flicker, thunderstorm, bicycle light, sunset timer and more!
○ Readout of battery voltage, internal temperature
○ Electronic factory reset capability
○ Lock-out mode capability
○ Manual:

Accessories:  Metal Clip ;  Landyard;  Strong magnet ; Spare O rings ; Manual ; 

22430 Body including:   (Optional)

1x HAIII Anodizing Aluminum Alloy body

1x Strong Built-in Magnet (removable)

1x Metal Clip

2x Spare O rings


Fireflies 22430 High drain battery Specification : (Optional)

Voltage: 3.7V

Real Capacity:  1850mAh to 1950mAh

Constant Discharge Current:  10A

Pulse Discharge Current: 15A max

E07X Pro with 21700 body (by Default)


E07X with 22430 Body (22430 body is optional)