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HTP WORKS TurboGlow Palace Lantern Bead For FW3A Flashlights Knives

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Story of the “Palace Lantern
         Try to design a unique “turboglow” beads for a while. I had drawn many sketches on paper. After some failures I realized that I must set clear design objectives. Here comes my objective:

1.     Must leverage the material characteristics which when brighten the shape is more important than detailed lines on body. Secondly differences of the thickness on beads that will give uneven brightness. 
2.     Try to fit the white space for currently available “turboglow” beads. The current beads are almost all round shape which might not be the best fit for some geometrical shaped EDCs. 

Therefore, square circular shape comes the option to construct my design. The Palace Lantern had come up my mind. Same degree head and toe with 90 degree staggered middle body gives more shapes by
different angles. On the other hands, the holes on body will give more surfaces to absorb the light which reduce unevenly thickness. After several 3D modeling and samples on real “turboglow”, i revised the detailed size to the best proportion. The “Palace Lantern” was born. 



Material: TurboGlow (Best now)
Color: White Fire,Lava,Yellow,Emerald,Green,Aqua,Sky blue,Amethyst 
Size:Height 19mm,diameter 15mm, Inner diameter 5.5mm