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Weltool M7-RD V2.0 Dark Adaptation Even-beam Flashlight

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    M7 "Dark Adaptation" series of flashlights are designed for the professional user community. The M7 utilizes a PMMA lens and its exceptional light transmission capability.  Designed using precise spectrum analysis, this light presents a homogeneous beam and creates an even, dark spot free, glare free light zone.  The M7 can be set for two levels of output (High & Low) for its wide illumination area.  Compact and light weight, with a length of only 12 cm, the M7 is easy to carry and use anywhere with the included pocket clip.
    M7-RD Red Light (625nm): When turn on the M7, the red light won't influence your dark adaptation like the strong light. It is great for reading star map while astronomical observation, viewing the navigation map during night flight for pilots, inspecting and repairing instruments while in cockpit of tank and armored vehicle, reading maps for hunters or night walkers, as well as beekeeping, repelling birds, signal indications, etc.
    The unibody construction of the M7 "Dark Adaptation" series gives it a high rate of heat dissipation and shock resistance, complementing the built-in multiple tiers of protection system, including low-voltage warning, reverse polarity protection, and over-discharge protection.  "Eye of Heaven General", the Eye of Wisdom, will watch over the hard work you pour your heart into.