FW3A News And Coupons

FW3A News And Coupons

Sep 14 2019


The FW3A was designed by Fritz15 and the flashlight forums TLF & BLF.

Brought to life by Lumintop.

A small 18650 triple LED lamp with tail switch and agreat, a compact, ergonomic, feature-packed EDC-style light.

More detail in TLF  

More Detail in BLF 



Oct.20 :

we have add the 18350 tube,18500 tube,SS bezel , Deep carry clip for FW3A 




we have a FW1A now which is one of the best EDC flashlight. 

COUPON: NDFW3A       Price:$35.16 


FW3A brothers and sisters 

FW3A grey 

Coupon:NDFW3A    25%OFF 


FW3A blue/green/purple/Raw aluminum 

Coupon: NDFW3A   20% OFF 


FW3C FW3A copper version 

Coupon :NDFW3C    15% OFF 


FW3T FW3A titanium version 

Coupon:NDFW3A     20% OFF