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LUME1 FW3X for FW3A/C/T Constant Current Buck Boost + FET Driver with Anduril

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          The LUME1-FW3X is a high efficiency constant-current buck-boost LED driver with direct-drive FET and was designed specifically as a driver upgrade for the FW3X family of flashlights. The LUME1 driver improves on the stock FW3X driver with significantly higher efficiency and run-time. The LUME1 driver also adds additional features such as auxiliary RGB LED support and improved temperature sensing. 

          The LUME1 driver employs a synchronous 4-switch buck-boost architecture with automatic transition between buck and boost modes. Unlike conventional linear flashlight drivers which regulate current through linear pass-elements and modulate brightness via PWM, the LUME1 driver achieves significantly higher efficiency with its switching topology, eliminates PWM flickering, and maintains a true regulated output across the entire battery voltage range.

          As an e-switch driver that is always on, the LUME1 driver is also designed with a low 30µA standby quiescent current for excellent standby duration. The LUME1 driver is designed to support open-source firmware including Anduril. 

          The LUME1 driver was developed by loneoceans from BudgetLightForum, together with the support and suggestions from the BLF community. More details can be found here:

User Manual download:Lume1 FW3X User Manual

• Designed specifically for FW3x eSwitch Flashlights
   > 21.7mm Driver Diameter
   > Very Low Z-Height for FW3x Compatibility
   > Drop-in Replacement over Stock Driver
• 3A Regulated True Constant-Current Output with 1024-Levels of Resolution
• High-Efficiency Synchronous Buck-Boost Operation up to 93.5% Overall Driver Efficiency
• Low RdsON Direct-Drive N-FET Boost Drive with Reverse Current Blocking during Boost Mode
• MCU-external Temperature Sensor for ±1C Increased Accuracy and Precision
• Auxiliary RGB LED Support
• Supports 1S Single Cell Lithium-Ion Batteries
• Very Low 30µA Standby Current
• Completely Acoustically Silent Operation
• ATTINY1634 Programmable Microcontroller
• Open-Sourced Anduril UI Firmware
• Designed for use with 2:4 Pogo-Pin Programming
• Four Additional Solder Jumper Pads for Future Expansion Capabilities

Package include:
1xLUME1-FW3X driver 
1xFW3X RGB aux board