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Lumintop FW1AA 700lm 330m 14500 EDC LED Flashlight with Battery Sapphire Lens Bundle

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Emitter:  Osram KW CSLNM1.TG 6500k, SST20 4000K or Nichia 219C 4000K 
Reflector: smooth reflector
Lens:       Glass with anti-reflective coating
Flux:        ~700lm
Intensity: ~27000 cd ANSI throw ~330 m (KW CSLNM1.TG)
                ~11250 cd ANSI throw ~ 210m (SST20 and Nichia)
Firmware: The FW1AA uses free software called Andúril,
                  distributed under the terms of the GPL v3. Code is available from
User interfaces:    [1] By default the FWAA is set to use SMOOTH RAMPING.
                  Instant access to TURBO mode is also provided.
                  [2] A more conventional STEPPED RAMPING UI is available if you
                  like discrete modes level. You can choose how many steps you want.
                  [3] MOMENTARY mode is useful for signaling purposes or rapidly/briefly
                  lighting up targets. To exit this mode, physically disconnect power
                  [4] MUGGLE mode uses a reduced output.
                 [5] It has an electronic LOCKOUT for safety, but acts also as momentary
                 low light.Other functions: Battery check, sunset, beacon,
                 tactical strobe, party strobe, bike flasher, candlelight, lightning storm
Battery:  One 14500 cell. An unprotected cell is recommended.
                Max. length 50.5 mm. Cell is not included.
Body:      Aluminum with hard-coat anodizing
Switch:   Electronic tail switch
Ingress rating: Equivalent to IPX7
Weight:  Approximately 32.5 g without cells
Size:      20.5 mm Ø head x 77.2 mm length.

Package include:
1x FW1AA Flashlight
1x vapcell 14500 battery
1x sapphire lens 
1x deep carry clip