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Speras T3R SFT40 1600LM 1095m 21700 Type C Thrower Flashlight

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SPERAS T3R is an innovative noiseless “thrower”. Despite its compact size it can reach a maximum throw of 1095 meters with its output of 1,600lumens. This together with a maximum run time of 92 hours makes it an excellent high performance flashlight for hunting, outdoor, search and rescue, etc.

Please check the professional review of T3R from here:

Feature 1:High Performance Noiseless LED flashlights

Feature 2: Utilized 1 pce Luminus SFT 40 led, #Speras T3R reachs to 1095 meters beam distance and 1600 lumens max Output. Speras T3R, light your way!

Features 3: Powered by 1 pce 21700 5000mah lithium battery, its max running time at the ECO mode(20lm) could reach to 92 hours.

Feature 4: #SPERAS T3R allows 5V/2A fast charging and the charging time is about 3.7 hours. Speras T3R also allows as a power bank to charge various electronic devices. 

Feature 5: #SPERAS T3R has noiseless multifunctional switches:

  • Noiseless switch good for hunting
  • easy trobe by double click
  • Memory mode can be activated and de-activated

Feature 6:  The tube size of T3R is 26mm, which is very good to use on rifle, with long beam distance and high lumen, which is very good for hunting, outdoor, rescue, etc.

More specifiaction of SPERAS T3R: