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Vapcell S4 plus LCD Display 3A Intelligent Li-ion/IMR/Ni-MH Battery Charger 21700

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Adapter Plug


Vapcell 4 slot 12A fast charge S4

 Parameters and Features 

 s4 111

Apply to (battery diameter:10-26mm,length:34-75mm)

 3A each slot ,12A in total.
 Charge/Discharge/Capacity test /Repair
 Automatically select the optimum charge current.
 Easily choose current you want at manual mode.
 Wide & High charging current choice: 0.25A /0.5A /1A/1.5A/ 2A/ 2.5A/ 3A for each
 Show charging status in real-time like voltage ,capacity,temperature,time,current.
 Enough space for 21700 battery, even button top 21700, PCB 21700 .
 Top surface have a button top type feature to make contact in recessed battery
 It is compatible with every type of rechargeable battery.
 Support 4 slots charging independently without interference.
 Automatically activate and repair “0 voltage”lithium battery.
 Automatically calculate battery charging time.
 Automatically calculate the battery percentage.
 Charging protection, over-discharge protection and protection of polar reverse,short
circuit protection .also, it can detect a broken battery.
 Temperature control protection. Keep your battery safe, most important,your life
 Intelligent power bank 5V 1A .
 Certified by FCC CE ROHS .
 Indoor condition only,and enough space for heat dissipation.
 Don’t take apart your charger.
 Keep it dry when you don’t use it .
 Please don’t charge leakage, corrosion or dead battery
 Please remember to cut off the power when you don’t use
 Please don’t be exposed your charger to rain or water or snow.
 Charger are getting hot during operation for a long time, handle with care!
 This charger is for charging the cylindrical lithium-ion (li-ion 3.7v), Ni-Mh / Ni-Cd
batteries. Be sure to know LiFePO4 batteries(3.2V),Non-rechargeable batteries,
rechargeable alkaline batteries (RAM), lead acid batteries must not be charged with
S4 plus charger. There is danger of explosion!
 Please read these instructions before use; pay attention to the recommended charging
current, never choose the wrong charging current.
 Use the default configuration of the 12V5A adapter. If the user uses a low output
power adapter, the charger may not work, or its function may be limited.
 Please cut off the electricity and remove the battery from the charger when charging
is complete.
 Data guideline of chargers are for your reference only; please refer to professional
instrumentation, if you need accurate data.
 In order to reduce shock, please cut off the power when you clean the charger.
 Don’t repair yourself. Please contact the professional maintenance person when you
 Please make sure the correct program and setting are chosen and set . Incorrect
program or setting may damage the charger or case fire or explosion
 Do not misuse in any way! Use for intended purpose and function only .