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WAINLIGHT Copper Osram KW CSLNM1.1G/UV 365nm UV Rrechargeable Flashlight

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Brand WainLight
Product material copper
Surface treatment None
Light source
UV light: SVC uv365nm 5W UV LED
Lighting: 2 X OSRAM KW CSLNM1.1G LED 6000K
Violet energy 1300MW-1500MW
Use battery 1x21700 / 18650 General purpose
Voltage range 2.65-4.2V
Product size 121mm Long x 39.5mmm Head Diameter x 27.5mm Handle Diameter
Product weight 320g (without battery)
Circuit type 1. Low voltage alarm function
2. Battery reverse connection protection function.
3. Battery overcharge and over discharge 
Switch type Contact switch
Lens type
Purple light: UV Filter (Black)
Lamp: Glass lens
Optical cup type Aluminum alloy reflective cup
Spot centrality 800LUX
Hotspot 8 °1'
Dustproof and waterproof Life waterproof
Charging mode Direct charging with USB connector
Function Settings:
1. Control gear:
Purple light mode (second gear): high gear 100% (output 1600ma) → medium gear 30%;
Lighting mode (3rd gear): output of highlight gear: highlight gear 100% (about 1600lm) - + medium light gear 40% - + low light gear 10%

2. Electric quantity display:
When the flashlight is turned on, the switch will display blue. When the power is insufficient (< 20%), it will flash. When the battery voltage is lower than 2.65v, the flashlight will turn off.

3. Charging mode:
Connect the charging connector to the switch and connect it to the USB 4.5-5v power supply for charging
Charging indication: when the battery is charged, the window of charging connector will display red; when it is full, it will display green,

1. Long press the switch button for 1 second: start the light;
2. Double click the switch button: start the purple light;
3. After starting: double click to change the light, click to shift; long press the switch button for 1 second, turn off the flashlight.
Applicable Scenarios:
1. Stamp collection identification
2. Identification of amber jade
3. Identification of antique collection
4. Anti counterfeiting bill certificate
5. Fluorescent printing ink
6. Currency security
7. Fluorescent detection of tissue
8. Fluorescence, dust and fiber detection
9. UV non shadow adhesive
Package Included:
1 x Flashlight
1 x Charging Connector
1 x Box